Your audience is waiting. 

Are you ready?

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Stepping in front of a camera takes courage and confidence. 

So, what is the secret?

1. Finding an authentic connection.

2. Creating a clear structure.

3. Sharing an exciting story.

Together we will discover the most effective way to find, prepare and share your story.

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Whether you are in beauty, finance, fashion, healthcare or publishing, media training is a personal process. I tailor each session to help you find your unique story and then prepare you to share it in multiple media formats including interviews, speeches, panels and presentations. 

We begin by discussing your goals and how to best use broadcast, digital, and social media to promote your brand. We explore the use of story structure, pace and connection to an audience and then sit down for an on-camera interview to explore comfort levels, strengths and pressure points.

We review the footage in the room and discuss ways to help create a strong on camera personality and then practice and refine the ideas and themes that will serve as the building blocks of your story. 

After our session, I continue to review the footage and create an edited video portfolio. Then I provide a link to your portfolio along with detailed notes from the sessions to use as a reference for future media appearances. 

I am also available for remote trainings via Google Hangouts and Skype.

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This was life changing.
— Top Beauty Editor
You are a miracle worker
— Communications Officer / New York Institution
You literally pushed me...we really had a breakthrough.
— Celebrity Hairstylist
Incredibly useful. I already used your first trick.
— Fashion Bureau Chief
Thank you for an invigorating session that went beyond media training to life and career coaching!
— Fashion Editor In Chief